Realistic And Realistic People

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REALISTIC- Realistic people are independent and practical, and thrifty. They are objective rather than idealistic people. They are good at tasks that are tactile, physical, athletic, or mechanical. They value naturalistic and concrete when it comes to things. They like being outdoors because they are usually extroverts, using tools and operating machines for that they want to fix things using their hands, and also interacting with animals. In short, they are the practical people and they see reality as the main ground or environment of work. The possible jobs for realistic personality types are an electrician, engineer, veterinarian and the military. INVESTIGATIVE-Investigative people are intellectual, introspective, and inquisitive. They are curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. They see the world as puzzles needed to be solved or problem that requires in depth solution. And because of their rationality, they excel at tasks that are scholarly, scientific, technical, or medical. They enjoy activities that involve thought, …show more content…

The beauty and soul of life are the purposes of their job. They are one that keeps humanity alive for centuries because of their creation and contribution to literature. They can see what other people cannot easily recognizable because they have a keen observation of beauty of arts in their eyes. They compose the rhythm of the music of life. Without them, life is dull and seems no purpose at all because they are original and innovative. They rely more on feelings inspiration and imagining things. They like to work with ideas, concepts, and abstractions. They are spontaneous and open-minded. They excel at tasks that are literary, verbal and visual. They like art, music, dance, drawing, painting, sculpting, drafting, writing, drama, communicating, design, and fashion etc. Typical artistic careers include musician, reporter, and interior

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