Reasons Behind Panera 's Continued Growth And Success

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Ron Shaich, who is the reason behind Panera’s continued growth and success, founded Panera Bread. Panera Bread in 2014 was widely regarded as the clear leader of the “fast casual” segment of the restaurant industry. Panera Bread is in the “fast casual restaurant” industry. This industry focuses on restaurants filling the gap between fast-food outlets and casual, full-table service restaurants. It provides quick-service dining (much like fast-food) but the industry distinguishes enticing menus, higher food quality, and more inviting dining environments; typical meal costing $7-$12 dollars. Top competitors in this industry include the following: Starbucks, Chili’s, Jason’s Deli, Cracker Barrel, Five Guys, and Chipotle. On average, close to …show more content…

Political factors can have effects on supply chains due to regulations that can be put into place by the government. Something could effect road regulations or something of the same nature. Panera Bread may see an effect on these regulations, but the case did not go into detail as to whether or not Panera is currently facing any issues with political factors. Economic Conditions Economic conditions can have a major influence on any company across the globe in today’s world. Panera Bread can be affected by economic conditions in different types of its segments. Panera has many signature soups, pastas, and other food products that are released during the year for certain periods of time for the season. These products can be very rewarding to the company by the seasonal times such as Christmas, when people have a little extra money to spend they go to Panera for their special soup craving. Before the economic downturn of 2008-2009, Panera made three marketing initiatives to try to raise awareness and bring home the idea of “food you crave, food you can trust.” The economic environment of the downturn in 2009 made these 3 marketing initiatives partially successful due to the bad economic environment. The environment was really had on Panera considering they area a commodity for people. The

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