Reasons For Going Hybrid Cars

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8 Reasons to Go Hybrid 8 Reasons to Go Hybrid Sales of hybrid vehicles in the United States have jumped from a curiosity of 17 sales in 1999 to 470,383 in 2014.[1] The annual growth rate of the hybrid market has advanced across all makes and models and includes luxury vehicles, family sedans and economy vehicles. Hybrid car owners can save hundreds of dollars on fuel costs, get maintenance costs that are comparable to gas-powered vehicles by spreading them over the life of the cars, enjoy tax incentives and driving perks and find hybrid vehicles in attractive models from their favorite manufacturers.[2] Hybrid Technology Becomes Increasingly Common This article will explore some of the benefits of going hybrid, which include getting lower fuel costs, driving greener, cutting noise pollution and reducing dependency on foreign oil. Increased hybrid options include affordable and indulgent Hondas, Subarus, Acuras and many other models for single drivers, families and business transportation. Benefits of going hybrid include -- but aren 't limited to -- the following advantages: 1. Increased Fuel Efficiency The Toyota Prius leads the market in hybrid fuel efficiency, according to, because the model gets almost about 50 MPG no matter where you drive or live.[2] Other hybrid cars also get mileage ratings of more than 40 MPG. Hybrid cars can achieve these astonishing efficiency ratings while enjoying the full range of torque, acc acceleration and driving-range

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