Essay about Top Five Most Popular Choices in Hybrid Cars

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Top Five Most Popular Choices in Hybrid Cars

It used to be that when seeking to purchase an automobile, consumers basic concerns where; 1) what options are available to them in exchange for their hard earned money? 2) How much is it going to cost and what exactly will their investment buy? Such concerns, such as its impact on our environment, or our need to be more energy efficient, were at the time none issues.
Today we have a better understanding as to what affect, our choices make, and the impact it has on our environment. Those who stand watch over the use of our worlds’ natural resources are concerned of a pending world energy crisis. To this purpose, these professionals are seeking new technological advance ways to utilize our …show more content…

Has plenty of interior room for a midsize car. Handles great on the road and gets very competitive averages in fuel usage with an estimate of 41 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highways.
Using the best in technological features such as the half gas and half electric drivetrain giving peak performance, be it in the city or on the highway. Coming equipped with front wheel drive, LCD gauges, with a horsepower of 156, from a 2.5-liter 1-4 engine using regular gas. Equipped with a two speed CVT W/OD transmission and getting around 700 miles plus in city driving on just one tank of gas. All the normal features you come to expect of a midsize car and then some. Things like remote keyless entry, Garage door transmitter, automatic temperature control, heated door mirrors and much, much more. Some negatives would be limited trunk space, unsupportive backseat, and steering being a bit skittish on the highways. (, 2012)
Toyota Prius Hybrid
The Toyota Prius has been the car that its competitors sought to beat. The Toyota Prius Hybrid 2012 may not have the most attractive drawing qualities as its competitors; it has become the synonym for hybrid cars in America. It might not win trophies on it’s over all artistic look but it packs a lot where it counts. For those who can live without the looks and willing to accept the trade off for something that delivers high mileage performance, the Toyota Prius 2012 is right for them averaging 51 mp in the

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