Reasons For Preventing A Bad Report Card, And Monitor The Student 's Progress

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Introductory Paragraph: Typically when students are in elementary and middle school, parents tend to be involved: attending parent-teacher conferences, sitting them down for homework before they go outside to play, and punishing them when they get a bad report from their teacher at the end of the school day. However, when students transition to high school, parents tend to be less involved, but still expect the same outcome: As and Bs. Generally when students do not meet the expectations, parents punish the child by taking away privileges and/or possessions and students are left alone to accomplish the same expectation for next time. After a parent receives a bad report card from their high school student, they should investigate the root of the problem, identify solutions to prevent another bad report card, and monitor the student’s progress.
Main Idea #2/ Body Paragraph: After students bring home bad report cards and parents find the root of the problem, parents should then identify solutions to prevent another bad report card. If, for example, students are sitting near and talking to close friends in class, parents should request that the student is moved away from the friend, which could prevent the student from losing concentration during class. However, some problems are not as easily fixed. If students simply do not get the material, parents and students should arrange a homework schedule that is suitable for both of them or get a tutor that is fitting for the

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