Reasons For The French Revolution

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There were many causes that led to the French Revolution. Class, money, and philosophes were three major factors that contributed to the French Revolution. The most important cause was money. These factors resulted in Louis The Sixteenth and Marie Antoinette being executed, and the reign of Napoleon to begin.

Class conflicts are a huge component of the French Revolution. The French Revolution began as a result of the lack of the people’s happiness over how they were told to live their lives. There were three estates. The first estate being the clergy, the second estate being the nobility, and the third estate being the bourgeoisie (commoners). The first and second estate consisted of very few people, but was given most of the money, land, and power. The third estate was made up of 99% of the people. This class was given little to no money, they were forced to pay all of the heavy taxes, they had very little land, and they had no power. After a while, the lower class realized that it was not fair for a small group of people to hold so much power and money while the rest of the population was starving. All three estates decided to have a vote to determine who should pay the taxes. Although the bourgeoisie was the biggest estate, the estate as a whole was only given one vote. Both the first and second estates were also given one vote each. While the first and second estates both voted that the bourgeoisie should pay all of the taxes, the bourgeoisie voted that the first and…
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