Reasons For The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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The transatlantic slave trade was responsible for the forced migration of between 12 - 15 million people from Africa to the Western Hemisphere from the middle of the 15th century to the end of the 19th century. The trafficking of Africans by the major European countries during this period is sometimes referred to by African scholars as the Maafa ('great disaster' in Swahili). It's now considered a crime against humanity.

The slave trade not only led to the violent transportation overseas of millions of Africans but also to the deaths of many millions more. Nobody knows the total number of people who died during slave raiding and wars in Africa, during transportation and imprisonment, or in horrendous conditions during the so-called …show more content…

It's estimated that British ships were responsible for the forced transportation of at least 2-3 million Africans in that century.

So dominant were British ships and merchants that they carried away African captives not only to British colonies in North America and the Caribbean but even to the colonies of their main economic rivals, the French and Spanish, as well as to others'. Geographical spread

The majority of kidnapped Africans weren't already slaves in Africa. They were free people who were kidnapped to provide the labour that the European powers required to build their colonies in the Americas. The largest numbers of Africans – almost 5 million – were imported into Brazil, but enslaved Africans were sent to most of the colonies of South and Central America and the Caribbean, as well as to what became the United States.

Some Africans were transported to Europe and lived in such countries as Portugal and France as well as in England. The Triangular Trade

The transatlantic slave trade is sometimes known as the 'Triangular Trade', since it was three-sided, involving

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