Reasons Why It Is Necessary for Non-Music Students Can Appreciate Classical Music

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I heard music concert at University of Macao Cultural Centre by Macao Orchestra. Although I am not talented in music, I still felt interesting and appreciated at this concert. After this concert, I started thinking why I should appreciate classical music because the music concert I heard was talking about classical music. With reference to Chapter 1 ‘Musical Values’ of Nicholas Cook’s Music: A Very Short Introduction and taking one of the pieces performed in the concert as example. The book showed me three reasons of why it is necessary for non-music students as well as the general public of Macau to appreciate classical music. I found some Idea and concept I never thought about and now I consider it is deserved for me to consider its…show more content…
I recognized a very important, brilliant and excellent composer who called Toru Takemitsu. It is my honor to listen his history and music from this concert. He lived in Dalian China, America and Japan. Hence, his music mixes with America and Asian. According to this background information of Toru Takemitsu, he created lots of complicated and multiple styles music. Although his music mixes with plenty of different elements: classical, modern jazz, electronic musical instrument and traditional instruments, I could learn so much and appreciate with this complicate music and this story told me music is matter to us in the way it does. I consider music can express plenty of emotion and feeling which words can’t do so. Just like some music created by Toru Takemitsu. Not only rather what it is about music that enables it to be used this way – which is as much as to say, what it is about music that makes it matter to us in the way it does, but also we should take action to appreciate it. I consider we should listen more and more music of Toru Takemitsu because his music influenced lots of style.
The last reason of it is necessary for non-music students as well as the general public of Macau to appreciate classical music is you might define music as humanly generated sounds that are good to listen to, and that are so for
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