Reassessing and Revising Strategic Plans Essay

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Chapter 10

Reassessing and Revising Strategies and Plans


The purpose of this chapter is to review implemented policies, strategies, plans, programs, or projects and to decide on a course of action that will ensure public value continues to be created.

The Strategy Change Cycle is not over once strategies and plans have been implemented. Ongoing strategic management ensure that strategies continue to create public value, and as a prelude to the next round of strategic planning.

Strategies cease to work for four main reasons:

1. A basic strategy may be good but have insufficient resources devoted to its implementation, and therefore insufficient progress is made toward resolving the strategic issue it was …show more content…

2. Strategic Issues Management Approach

It is the most common form of institutionalized strategic planning and management system in public and nonprofit organizations. This system does not attempt to integrate strategies across levels and functions to the extent layered or stacked units of management approaches do.
In this system, guidance is issued at the top; leaders and managers select the issues they need to address to reframe and pass them onto the task forces, who at there turn, present strategic alternatives to leaders and managers, before strategies get implemented.

3. Contract Approach

This system is used to institutionalize strategic planning and management in school districts with site-based management. In this system, there is a center that establishes strategic objectives for the organization as a whole, negotiates contracts with individual units, monitors performance and ensures the integrity of the system. The center is the principal while the units are the agents.

4. Collaboration Approach

It is useful when addressing problems for which no organization is fully in charge. It focuses on maintaining effective relationship between the organizations involved, buyers and sellers.

5. Portfolio Management Approach

In this approach, entities are arrayed against dimensions that have some

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