Rebellious Children By William Shakespeare

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The terms “Do not speak unless you are spoken too” do not really apply in today’s society. Back in time it was seen disrespectful to talk to your parents unless you were spoken to and to have rebellious actions as a child. I would think that in the Shakespearean time these ideals were extremely unacceptable. Although I have reason to believe that rebellious children were not an issue during that time period I have been given reason to believe otherwise; based on The King James Bible. There is a story within this bible that tell of a rebellious son that demands his father 's inheritance, the father sure enough hands the boy his inheritance which results in him blowing it all. With no money left the son comes home to his father who throws him a party due to the fact the son is not dead. Shortly after the party has started the eldest son comes home and is livid because the party has taken place for the rebellious brother. from the Parable of the Prodigal Son has a questionable unsettling plot and ending.

Initially, from the Parable of the Prodigal Son questions boundaries between good parenting and spoiling your child. Within the parable, the son demands his inheritance from his father and the father without question gives him the large amount of money. To most people that would be seen more as spoiling their child rather than being a good parent. Personally I think that giving the child his inheritance was a bad idea knowing that the child would go a blow all the money.”

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