Recession Of 2001 : Recession Essay

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Valerie Mireles Armstrong ECON 2301 2 Dec. 2016 Recession of 2001 Introduction On the 26th of November 2001, the National Bureau of Economic Research, declared that after ten years of economic expansion, the United States was in a recession as of March 2001 (Coplan 9). During the last quarter of 2001, the United States experienced a terrible tragedy; the 9/11 terrorist attack. However, economists believe that even if the terrorist attack had not taken place, the recession would have still been present, but it did in fact delay recovery. The recession of 2001 was by far different than all the other recessions. It was in fact, better than other recessions because the 2001 only lasted a quarter. Real GDP barley changed and the unemployment rates slightly rose (Nordhaus 2). It was found that banks have improved their performance during the recession, they were prepared for the worst this time around. During the 1990s, risk management became an important factor for banking discipline. Using risk managements, it gives the economy a potential to increase the stability. Thereby, banks benefited from an environment that rapidly declined short term interest rates, which enabled them to borrow at a lower cost (Schuermann 2). These risk managements played an important factor during the recession while impacting the United States economy in a positive manner. Causes of Recession The recession of 2001 was fairly short and moderate which is the main explanation as to why it differed

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