Recovery Model, By Health Care Professionals Essay

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There is a lot of importance in the idea of recovery from mental illness in the world. (Ralph, 2000). The concept of recovery is about staying in control of their life despite living through a mental illness is a definition shared by most people. These ideas are often referred to as “Recovery Model” by health care professionals. Placing recoveries into action means focusing care on supporting recovery and help build resilience of people with mental illness and not just a focus on symptoms. In mental health, recovery does not always refer to the process of complete recovery compared to the way we may recover from a physical health problem (Mental Health Foundation, 2015). My area of practice a Forensic mental health setting which predominantly focuses on “recovery” and rehabilitation to help the service users to be able to manage their illness and learn skills to integrate back into the community.
In this assignment a nursing assessment was identified and used to get information from the client that painted a broad picture of the client which enables us as health professional to understand what is happening for the service user (SU) and what interventions could be provided to the SU in a holistic manner. Holistic care consists of regarding the patient as a ‘whole person’, that is, with biological, psychological and social needs. This is then supported by the recovery principles which then accounts for the unique needs of individuals in need of health care (Bullington,J &…

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