Recreation Management And Therapeutic Recreation

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Every year new students entering into the School of Health and Human Performance in the programs of Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation take part in a two-day orientation. This orientation helps students gain a better understanding of recreation, learn about their programs, and create bonds with fellow classmates. Throughout the weekend this year, students were able to create memories with classmates whom they will be studying alongside over the course of their education. The orientation weekend served many different purposes for the students in both Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation. The first purpose of the retreat was to help students gain a better understanding of recreation. Many people, including myself before this orientation, believe that recreation is solely sports. However, that fact is far from true as recreation encompasses many different aspects such as art, music, photography, knitting, and running. Once students understood the different aspects of recreation they were able to learn more about their programs. This was done through having older students interact with new students, and by having professionals speak to the new students. The professionals were in both the Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation fields. Since my program of study is Recreation Management, I got to hear all about that field. In the speeches I learned how to get involved in recreation early on, how important managing recreation is, and about the
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