Recreational Hunting

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Recreational Hunting: The Needs and the Wants Melissa Mosley COM/156 University Composition and Communications II 5/16/14 Trish Prince Recreational Hunting: The Needs and the Wants Hunting has been around as long as man has been hungry. With the modernization of times, the necessity of hunting has changed. Hunting is no longer the only way a family can be fed with the meat of the animals, clothed with the hides from the carcus, or houses built with the tools created from the bones of the animals. Although the reasons to hunt have changed, the need has not. Recreational hunting, especially deer hunting, not only controls wildlife populations, it also provides tradition in families and makes their bonds stronger. Managing…show more content…
In this day in age where both parents work and children go to school and participate in after school activities, it is important to make time to do things as a family. For some families, this time comes in the winter months during deer season. Teaching kids about gun safety, how to hunt safely, and the reasons for hunting are life lessons that they will remember the rest of their lives. As stated on the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website, youth hunters are required to take a hunters safety course before they are allowed to get a hunting license. (deer hunting n.d.) These hunter’s safety courses teach a person how to shoot a gun, how to safely carry a gun, and how to safely be in a hunting environment. According to J. K. Miller, an avid hunter and author, “Hunting is an excellent opportunity to teach your children the importance of conservation, responsibility, and good sportsmanship.” (Miller 2010) There are a many arguments for the recreational hunting of deer. Controlling populations to prevent deer vs. automobile accidents, disease associated to deer that could destroy entire herds, and the ruination of landscapes, gardens, and crops are just a handful of examples. Continuing on family traditions or starting new family traditions is another great argument of why deer hunting is not only popular but necessary. When done correctly and safely hunting is beneficial and educational. Recreational hunting, especially
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