Recycling : Recycle We Can Help And Save The World

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Dustin Sanders
Mrs. King
ELA 1st Hour
07 April 2017
If we recycle we could help and save the world. You could save the world and your town by recycling and it will help because where you live won’t be messy/destroyed.And another thing that will help us is if we recycle we can save the trees and the recycling company can hold the things you recycled until the curbside company comes and picks it up and then they clean the materials off and then they make new products out of them. So recycle!!!
One reason that we should recycle is that so the curbside company can make new products. To begin with, my first piece of evidence is saying that recycling is believed to be a process that breaks down the material and the materials are …show more content…

The next opposing evidence is that they will recycle if they get paid because they say that they are bringing their things in for the company to use.According to the article “Recycling Saves Energy” Recycling saves energy because the manufacturer doesn’t have to produce something new from raw natural resources. By using recycled materials we save on energy consumption, which keeps production costs down. Finally the last opposing evidence is that “Daniel Benjaman” claims that not recycling saves money because the Curbside company cost 55 percent higher than the landfill option. The McKinstry Company,a mechanical located in seattle saves $4,800 per year recycling mixed paper and cardboard,and an additional $40,000 annually selling scrap

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Daniel K. Benjamin (author of The 8 Great Myths of Recycling) reported that "overall curbside recycling costs run between 35 and 55

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