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Q1: Explain how Red Bull has been able to arouse and activate the consumer decision-making process. Initially, Red Bull made consumers realize that they need this kind of energy drink by physiological arousal. For blue-collar in Thai such as taxi and truck drivers, they usually have to combat mental and physical fatigue that are their bodily needs at that moment. Red Bull used and interprets these physiological cues to arouse related needs about energy drinks. After consumers recognized the needs, Red Bull evoked consumers to link energy drinks to their product according to the function and prices. People tend to perceive things they need or want (Schiffman et al., 2014). Thus consumers will remember Red Bull. After …show more content…

These help consumers develop enduring perceptions about Red Bull (Batra et al., 2009). Red Bull has strong brand personality to make customers remember it and separate it from its competitors. Red Bull’s brand image is a red bull with the blue cans. The design is unique and link to the brand name and its product. All these factors create a image of Red Bull to customers. As consumers subconsciously exercise selectivity about which aspects of the environment they perceive (Schiffman et al., 2014), Red Bull could enter the evoked set of consumers as long as it could catch customers’ insights. Besides the unique brand, Red Bull handing out free samples of the product and sales teams driving Minis with a Red Bull can strapped on top of the car. These actions catch consumers’ insight and attract them to purchase. All these elements make Red Bull are able to be successful in entering the evoked set of consumers.

Q3: What could influence a consumer to stop purchasing Red Bull? If consumers do not notice products, they will not be able to purchase them (Jansson-Boyd, 2010). However, in this case, Red Bull is a well-known brand. Therefore this is not an ideal method. If the value of the product cannot match customers’ expectation, consumers might stop

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