Reduce Consumer Demand for EPS Foodservice Containers to Slow Landfill Growth

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We as consumers have an important part to play in protecting our environment from the continued growth of our landfills. Managing waste created by over 7 billion people is quite the challenge. Recycling programs are one way to deal with waste yet there are non-biodegradable materials not typically included in recycling programs. In partnership with recycling programs, we must also focus on reducing demand of materials not easily recyclable. Expanded polystyrene (EPS), commonly referred to as Styrofoam, when used for foodservice containers is one of these materials. We as consumers have the power to reduce our demand on EPS foodservice containers in order to do our part in slowing landfill growth.
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They also make suggestions on how to re-use the material. These websites attempt to appease the consumer with a multitude of information yet most do not provide a clear explanation for substantial solutions. During my own research I found it difficult to find many Academic Journals on the topic of EPS Recycling. We are in the early stages of challenging ourselves and our innovators for effective EPS recycling solutions.
Immediately, the one thing the ordinary consumer does have control over is their demand on EPS foodservice containers. Consumer driven change is an enormous strength that can drive the behavior of businesses. Fuchs, Prandelli, and Schreier (2010) theorized that the consumer is “empowered because they have more information and choice” which “provides increased power in relation to suppliers” (para. 7). Each of us as responsible consumers must avoid bringing this material into our homes so that it does not end up in our trash cans and ultimately our landfills. To do this, we will shop at grocers who sell eggs in cardboard cartons, package meat in biodegradable material, and sell unpackaged vegetables. If ever given a choice, avoid the EPS foodservice container. Do not frequent restaurants that use EPS containers for meals. Let these businesses know the reason you are not their patron. We as consumers can drive the behavior of these

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