Reduce Energy Usage

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Strategies to Reduce Energy Usage in Offices and increase IT Sustainability

Research Studies by Intel Corporation.

According to an Intel White Paper of December 2009, Intel reported these studies about reduction of energy usage in offices.

Evaluating Enabling Technologies

Replacing Desktop PCs and Cathode-Ray Tube Monitors: Over the last decade companies have shifted to laptop PCs for about 83 percent of the workforce, primarily, in an effort to increase employee productivity. A secondary benefit has been to significantly improve energy efficiency. To determine the factors that affect office power consumption, and further improve energy efficiency, Intel conducted a power
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Intel’s studies have shown that raising employees’ awareness of how much power their equipment is consuming, and getting them involved in reducing that amount, is critical to success in reducing energy use in the office environment. We have taken an example of the Intel Company: Intel conducted a small PoC that explored how they could encourage behavior modification by showing employees that small things, such as using standby mode on their laptops or turning off a printer when it’s not being used, can add up to big savings. During this PoC, they first established a baseline of energy consumption through real-time metering of energy use in 12 cubicles. In one group, they focused solely on awareness and education. Every two to three days, Intel provided this group with information on how much energy they were using, and how much it cost. They did not provide any other information or requests to change behavior to the members of this group. For the second group they installed a third-party software agent that deployed and enforced power management profiles. The profiles were set up to put the monitor into standby after ten minutes of idle time, and to put the PC into standby after 30 minutes of idle time. After two additional weeks of real-time metering, Intel examined the energy use of the two groups.
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