Refined Rough Draft Topic C, Maybe A. “Don’T Worry, You’Re

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Refined Rough Draft Topic C, Maybe A

“Don’t worry, you’re still important too,” my aunt facetiously proclaimed as she then went on to admiring my brother’s acceptance into medical school. This was an astonishing accomplishment, causing my relatives to view my brother in awe. They bombarded him with praise and respect once they discovered the news at the Thanksgiving reunion. I too, was immensely proud of him; however, I was constantly belittled by my family due to his growing success. It was then up to me to prove them wrong and show them what I was capable of. As a younger sibling, I was compared to my brother throughout my life. Everything he did, I pushed myself to do the same. From joining the school band, to enrolling in the same
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That these grades students were so worried about didn’t prove how intelligent or talented I was. They only tested how a student had the discipline to retain information. I knew I was making excuses to avoid working in school. Instead, I took a less conservative point of view on school, and searched for motivation to help push myself to be someone who has more to offer to the world. Motivation and drive help push people to do incredible things. Striving to be like my brother wasn’t motivation to push myself to work hard. I learned that I wasn’t going to be successful if I kept comparing myself to his blinding success. I resorted to looking for an interest that I truly had passion for. I set my attention on DECA, a business organization that built a business acumen. I decided to start taking competition seriously. The stock market competition caught my eye because it was a competition where students could invest in stocks, which were synched with the live stock market. Competing sparked my interest in investments. I learned about how the market worked, types of investments, how to analyze stocks, and the different applications of finance. Once the competition began to level off, I was top 10 in the world. This was the first successful extracurricular activity I had been a part of that didn’t involve my family. It was a phenomenal feeling. Finance then became my passion, and I began to picture myself in this profession. With a new take on school, I worked for myself. I
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