Reflection About Culture And Culture

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In our everyday lives, we are under the influence of consuming media and popular culture; they shape us to become who we are today which we now call it as our identity. Media and popular culture include: music, TV shows, the internet, and even the most recent fashion trend. Therefore, these are some examples from the media and popular culture that had increasingly affected my personal and social life in America since most people utilize them daily. No matter where we live, it is difficult to avoid all of the influences that is happening nearby. Throughout the world, it is acknowledgeable that technology is always improving and changing. Starting with music, as a kid I used to listen to Fergie and Katy Perry. Now, I listen to Khalid, a Korean band named Highlight, and even some christian bands like Hillsong United. It is amazing that music is evolving because one would notice that the playlist on the radio stations would have changed especially when a popular artist had released their new album or single. For Korean and christian music, I became interested in them through my friends and family who had became obsessed with these genres. In the end, they introduced me to those types of music and I automatically found a liking towards them. During my childhood, I was highly passionate to watch the Teen Titans, Totally Spies!, Scooby-Doo, and even Codename: Kids Next Door. Now that I have matured throughout the years, I have come to love watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.

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