Reflection About Education

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Trapped In The Past America's victory against Great Britain in 1786 not only gained them independence but the status of a world superpower; where the world would watch our every move and imitate it. Now, 241 years later we still stand as one of the superpowers of the world. Yet, our testing scores place 31st in the world. Which is why our government has been working on improving our education system, hoping to improve our scores. Yet even with all the attention on improving our system, there haven't been many changes; and our test scores have barely risen. If so many people believe education isn't going down the right path, then why hasn't it changed, in so many years? International testing scores are rising and surpassing ours. Yet, the United States is not making progress in growing educational programs. Over the years we have seen other countries education scores rise, and surpass ours. Despite our current efforts, it raises the question, when will we actually improve our education, and catch up with the world? Even though there have been some changes, our education needs to reworked, and re evaluated, so our scores will rise, and we can catch up with the rest of the world.
When I walked into fifth grade, I thought I had school all figured out, it was going to be just like last year; easy. Granted I didn't take in account for the content I forgot over the summer, and how little I actually knew. Now imagine my teacher explaining to the class that we need to write 5

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