Reflection About My Personal Identity

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When I take a look beck on my lifetime, I see that I’ve changed a great deal in regards to my personal identity. For me to put entirely into words on a paper would take me days to explain how and why things went the way they did, so I’d like to shorten these feeling up. In my youth, I had clearly planned to take the superhero path through life. Professional athlete, firefighter, police officer, or basically anything portrayed in society as a model citizen, a class act if you will, all racing through my mind when thinking about my future. I was mistaking, and for good reason as I had these feelings until I was about ten years old. When the first year with two digits associated itself with my age, a certain maturity occurred. I wouldn’t classify it as a life changing realization, but more of an assistant to my later discoveries. In the time I spent working with my father, albeit mostly masonry work, I began to ask questions with higher frequency. For myself, I wanted to further my knowledge, but at that time, I was really annoyed that I couldn’t understand certain aspects to building such as why we used Weld-Crete on all of our bluestone patios when it seemed that we were the only masons doing anything resemblant of our process. I continued to question my father about how our creations held up and why we did certain things that seemed unnecessary. Whether we were working on a fireplace, a patio, or a sprinkler system, I was never satisfied until I understood why we took one

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