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Everyone in society has different identities that helps describe who they are. We all have different roles that make us unique and are influenced by occurrences that happen within the home and the environment. Some of our identities can make us stronger individuals or weaken us by being judged. My identities, however, have made me a much stronger person to achieve goals, wishes, and successes. In this paper I will go more in detail on how my identities made me become more thankful of where I come from and how my experiences from childhood to now shaped who I am. My culture has formed my understanding of how important the values and traditions done at home should not be forgotten. My generational status really has influenced my decision on the effectiveness of school and efforts to do well. My immigration status has really shaped my experiences specifically at home to be appreciative of what I have. I chose these three identities because they strongly define who I am as a human being. For this reason, the three identities that I will be describing are my culture, generational status, and immigration status.
My culture, being a Chicana, has made me realize how all the traditions my family have done has really reflected my identity in my values and morals. Usborne and de la Sablonnière (2014) defined culture as the establishment of building relationships with members of a particular group and exploring the different artifacts, words, and symbols expressed within those groups.

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