Personal Statement On Personal Identity

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Identity Statement:
Personal Identity deals with philosophical questions that arise about ourselves by virtue of our being people. Man must have a relation in order to thrive in an abundant communal environment, in this essay I will be talking about identity and purpose, and how my experiences have shaped my identity and shaped my belief on the telos of humanity. The telos is related to my personal beliefs.
Personal Statement:
Something that has shaped my identity and has influenced me to be the person I am is religion. Growing up in a Christian home and going to a Lutheran church has helped shape my morals positively because of the strict guidelines. And it has helped me see what my personal telos is and it helps show what the purpose of humanity is. It has shaped my identity as it has taught me to be respectable. Going to church every Sunday and listening to the teachings and the scriptures has helped me see the truth, beauty and goodness of God, and it allows the truth, beauty, and goodness to be seen in the world. Allowing people to believe what they want to believe is teaching them not to think, because being a Christian means you dedicate your life and heart to God, if you trust in yourself and not God then you are not dedicated to God. Another concept that has shaped my identity is family. Growing up in large family has helped me be more responsible and has helped me be able to deal with other people. Because I was brought up in a tight family I believe

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