Reflection About Reading And Writing

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Due to this class, I have been interested in why reading and writing is important. Consequently, I looked up interesting facts about reading and writing, which I would like to share. The literacy company stats “According to research school spend two million dollars on student who cannot read or write to help them to educate themselves” (The literacy company ). Pam Allyn said, “I believe reading can be compared to breathing in and writing can be compared to breathing out”.
Everyone had some sort of reading and writing experience in their life. I had one unpleasant experience last semester at Hudson County Community College. It was my first semester after I transferred from another community college. I took an English course in the summer session, but I did not pass due to the score I needed to pass the course. I needed at least a seven to pass but I got a six. However, I knew it was my mistake at that time and I really did not know how to organize the essay structure. Before, I did not know how to take note of things that were helpful to me. Due to this class, I realized in unit one where I was making mistakes in my essays.
By repeating the English class, the lecture helped me learn about reading and helped me throughout my writing experience. The lecture was a helpful tool for me to learn and improve my skills because even the smallest things count when you are writing. The most important part about writing is that you always have to keep your audience in mind, make sure

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