Reflection About Reading

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As a young child, reading did not come easy not even the slightest. I remember being held back in first grade because my mother felt my reading was not up to par, boy was she correct. My older brother and younger sister were in the same boat as I. One after another we repeated the first grade in an attempt to strengthen the skill which is still challenging to this day.
I reflect on how I was raised and what I have learned from my mother, a single woman with three children, ages varying by one year. This was not only a challenge in itself, but reading writing and communication was not exactly something that was promoted in my home. My mother worked as she still does to this day, so playing outside getting into whatever we could so she could sleep was more interesting than sitting down reading a book. It actually wasn’t till after I graduated high school that I began to build my internal self. I Continue to strengthen my weaknesses, attempting to become that man I so desire. I ask myself from time to time, “Where might I be if I was not shown how to change my thinking?” I like to think I handle tasks in life whether big or small by stepping back and thinking critically and logically. This is something my siblings still do not get.
I firmly believe right now that in order to achieve what one desires in life we must change our thinking and overcome obstacles big and small, hard or easy. One foot in front of the other to strive for better. If we can change the way we think and

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