Reflection About Technology

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Technology has evolved so much over the past few decades. We now contain more software in our pocket than what it took to get to the moon. Technology has improved our lives in so many ways; however, it has also been destructive in certain aspects of our learning. In my senior year of high school, each student in the school was allotted a laptop for in class use as well out of class use. At first, I thought it would be beneficial to have such easy access to the internet and Microsoft programs; however, for me and many fellow students, this device turned into another large distraction and learning deficit. One of the reasons why is it was extremely hard for me to transition my note taking from handwritten to digital. My organization was in shambles, and I had no idea if I had written certain assignments or typed them. This in turn made it hard for me to study because none of my material was organized. The computers also became a large distraction, and the made it easier for cheating. The teacher didn’t always notice, but while they would be lecturing, they may have thought everyone on their device was taking notes, but most of them were playing games, watching Youtube videos, or screwing around on other website. Cheating was also made easier for students because if they were taking an online test, they could look up the answers on the internet with their computer, and it was so much more discreet than using their phone to cheat because the teacher thought they were doing what

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