Reflection And Educational Differences In The Educational Experience

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When we started this eight week course about differentiation I already had a lot of background information on this subject. I did learn a few things about how to help my colleagues jump on the bandwagon of differentiation. By helping my fellow teachers change their mindset towards planning with differentiation in mind I am making a positive difference in my students’ educational experience. When differentiation is used properly students are taught lessons in ways that are both meaningful and specific to the students’ educational needs. Differentiation is a great tool that teachers can use to help decrease the educational gap between students skills and the grade-level standards that they should be meeting. For this class we had to create a lesson with differentiation in mind. For me this assignment was easy because I already plan my lessons with differentiation in mind. What came naturally with differentiation was differentiating for content, process, and product. Each station that I planned had some sort of differentiation to help students understand the concept that was being taught. Including these extra strategies was easy and did not add any extra time for me to plan. What I found to be more challenging was differentiating with readiness in mind. With 50 plus students in my gymnasium I have a wide range of skill levels. This means that I have to use my pre-assessment data in order to figure who might need more help and who can be pushed a little further to extend

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