Reflection Between Art And Art

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Areas of knowledge are specific branches of knowledge, each of which can be seen to have a distinct nature and requires different ways of knowing. Description is a written or spoken account of a person, object or event and thus, relies on our perception of the world. Transformation is a change that goes beyond a norm or a paradigm. In order for something to be considered knowledge, it needs to go through both the process of description and transformation. Due to their approach to acquisition of knowledge, certain areas of knowledge such as Art puts more emphasis in describing the world while others focus more on transforming it. All areas of knowledge, including Art, still have both functions of describing and transforming the world and there is no area of knowledge that…show more content…
The fact that the artist uses various shading techniques, textures and tones to make if more “lifelike” shows that the artwork is intended to recreate an accurate representation of the world. They represent a new paradigm shift of the classical era, thus serving the function of describing the world. The artwork also revolutionizes the world as Classical paintings revolutionized the techniques artists use to create paintings and how they look at paintings, therefore proving that art also transforms the world. Some of the artists who learnt about Classical techniques and tried to imitate them (at first) are Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. They eventually changed their to style to a more abstract one. Now, Picasso is famous for his “Cubism” painting of people, especially women. He is well-known for transforming the way the public viewed the function of art: rather than insisting on accurate representation, Picasso forced viewers to rethink assumptions about the human form. This shows that creativity and thus, transformation cannot occur without description and imitation. Another case in which art
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