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Growing up, I always had a difficult time controlling my temper. I would experience erratic mood swings that escalated beyond what seemed appropriate, and I would handle stressful situations unfittingly. Throughout most of my teen years, I overlooked and dismissed the severity of my emotional troubles. It took three years to be thoroughly diagnosed with Bipolar Ⅱ Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder. During those three years, I learned a lot about who I am, who I was to become, and the difficulties associated with the disorders I face. Through the course of my childhood years, I recall becoming unusually angry or anxious at simple, harmless occurrences. I felt closed off, trapped, and stuck in my own head as the environment around me …show more content…

I stopped taking sports as seriously as I did, and I ended up losing college offers for softball. The next summer, I quit the sport entirely. I stopped doing many things that grabbed my attention. I felt as if nothing mattered, and I truly did not care for anything.

In October during my Junior year, I experienced a very extreme episode at the World Series Parade. It was very crowded, which consequently increased my anxiety levels. I then became angry and unstable. After a few minutes of random outbursts, my brother started influencing negative behavior and emotions, which caused me to impulsively punch him in the face. Shortly after this happened, I went home, still in an episode. I punched at my walls and kicked through the rails on the stairs in my house. No matter how hard I tried to calm myself down and control my actions, I could not. That night, I was taken to Marillac- a mental health treatment facility, and remained there for three days, receiving coping mechanisms and therapy. When I was discharged, I had to see many therapists and take many medications. Life after Marillac seemed to get better in result of therapy and medicine helping me deal with my disorders. A year passed, and I decided I was healthy enough to cold-turkey all of my medications and stop seeing my therapists. Everything was fine for a few months, until my mood swings came back. This time, I experienced more of the depression than I did anger and anxiety. I

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