The Life Of A Family : My Life With My Family

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My world was torn apart when was only 10 when my parents got a divorce it was hard on my brothers and I especially my mom who was married to my father for 10 years she didn't know what it was like to be single but through the years our family went with many difficult trials. One of the recent ones was when my mom left 2 years ago for 4 months for boot camp and my brothers and I lived with our father which was difficult , living in a two bedroom apartment with to hyper boys and having to be the step in mom while your mom is at boot camp it affect me alot so it wasn't a surprise that I had after effects from it but I kept it hidden from my mother to not make her worry. But when I had to move in late October early November it was horrible I just started my Freshman year at South and I finally was getting used to all of it when suddenly I had to move with my two brothers, my mother, and my dog into a 3 bedroom apartment from our mobile house. When I started here at Central it was so different when I went South I had to figure out the layout of the school and the only people I knew were kids from my old church and not all of them like me so it was very difficult. Especially at home both my brothers had ADHD and later diagnosed with autism the youngest one at the time if he didn’t have his meds that if he didn’t get what he wants that he would go into a fit of rage it made it difficult on my mother and I . I have a history of having depression but it didn’t get to serious in the

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