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As a 14 year old reader and writer, I never saw a true significance in the subjects. I would often become flustered and overwhelmed when forced to do a writing assignment. I just couldn’t understand why I was being forced to perform a task that, in my opinion, made no impact on the world around me. However, my Sophomore year, my perception began to change. I had begun taking an Advanced Placement World History class. This class made a big impact on me as a reader and a writer for many reasons. Although, I can’t recall every lesson I was taught during the course of this class, but what I can recall is a much more impactful lesson. The lesson that continues to shape how I view literacy and the modern world. The first lesson taught to us in AP World was about the first civilizations known to man. This was a rather short lesson because historians weren’t able to gather much information on these types of civilizations. These prehistoric places, most of the time, didn’t have a well-established written language. They didn’t have books, or records, or anything for modern man to read. The main way historians were able to find any information on these early civilizations was to look at remains of living arrangements, fossils, and texts written many years after the first communities. I remember sitting in class and wondering why there was so much information about other points in history and hardly any information during this time period. Then, I realized it was because there

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