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As i a still learning i am/did have trouble with this. This time I am going to connect it into one section(I will try and split them up but they may run together) 1. & 2. I think we really get to see what the mood is when she goes to the room and has her epiphany(which I believe was that she was going to be able to have freedom and not be controlled by anyone and life has a lot of opportunity, even though it would be tough she was looking forward to her new found self and freedom.So she be came new and seemed to be more confident “she carried herself unwittingly like a goddess of Victory” ) as we put it. I say this because the details they give and the setting they scene. Words Like "Comfortable" "roomy armchair" those word give me a sense/mood of comfort and the armchair make me think you someone holding and comforting you and making you feel a little more safe and secure. Some of the details also displace how she if thinking of her new life and opportunity "There was something coming" "waiting" "fearfully" It was "reaching towards her through the sounds" the smell and colors. These word make us get the feelings of opportunity coming for you and you don't know what to expect. Now there is also a freedom aspect that we see. The things that represent freedom are well of course when she talks about being "free" and "live for herself" "self-assertion" "Free!Body and soul free" and it said she kept repeating it like you could not believe how she was now free. I would say

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