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Upon further review of my past papers, I found some small grammatical errors that needed to be edited. In my unit one paper, there were a few errors that you had marked. I fixed those oversights then continued on with my revisions. In the second paragraph, I moved a comment to after a citation section in order to back up the information with my own thoughts as I had learned a little further in the semester. Another change I had made was to change a word that was repeated multiple times in a sentence. I also revised unit twos paper. I had received a perfect score on my paper, but upon rereading, I noticed a few things that I felt should be changed. They were not big changes, but I believe the modifications helped the information flow …show more content…

I certainly learned a lot through writing that type of paper though. I learned mainly that you can’t just read a story. You have to read into it and look for the author’s possible meaning behind it in order to achieve a greater understanding of the work. Choosing my topics for my papers and narrowing down my information were the most challenging aspects for me. I changed my topics multiple times on each paper and did not decide on one until pretty close to the deadlines. Narrowing down the information I found was difficult because all the information seemed as if it would fit well in my paper, but if I were to include it all, my paper would drone on and on. I struggled with trying to decide which points to eliminate and which ones to keep. Thankfully, with the help of my family, I was able to decide which ones to include. In order to keep my thoughts together, I really focused on having a clear and precise outline. I made sure that I worked on my outline when I was alert and was able to focus so it was thought out in the best possible manner. After I completed my outline, I began my research on the information I needed. I made sure that the information I needed was relevant by seeing how it fit in with my outline. I checked the credibility of my sources by searching on education websites that were recognized as credible sources. After obtaining all the needed information, I began writing. With each paper, I only had

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