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If a child is not able to stay in his seat during the class his logical consequence would be that he loses his seat and has to stand next to his desk for the activity or at least 10 minutes. This will show the student that having a seat is a privilege and if it is abused they won't get the privilege. If a child did not come in from recess then for the next recess they do not get to go out for recess and we'll have to spend it in the classroom with me. This will teach the student that if I cannot trust them in recess than they don't get to have recess. If a child had a tantrum in the classroom, I would have the rest of the children move away from the tantruming child until he calms down or I will ask him to go to the quiet book corner until he is ready to join us again. This will teach the child that his tantrum will not get him anything he wants. If the child did not complete his homework, he will have to take time out of a fun activity to complete it. This will teach him that he still has to do the homework whether it is at home or during his fun activity in school. If the child talks in class, the child will get moved from the person they are talking with. This will teach him that if he wants to sit with his friends he has to sit quietly. If the child writes on his desk, he will have to move his chair and use a clipboard for the remaining part of the activity or 10 minutes and he will have to clean his desk. This will teach him that the desk is a privilege and we have to

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