Reflection Of A Literate Classroom

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In the first part of my assignment I will be writing about the literate classroom. Throught out the course of the assignment I will be critically analaysing what a literate classroom looks like and how a teacher can enable this in a primary school setting. My primary focus will be on how the literate classroom looks like in the early years. The classroom has an esstainal role for the learning procress of a child. It’s not only a place for students to just sit at thir desk and listen to the teacher but also a safe eveviroment for the children to learn. The way a classroom is arranged can improve the learning ennrioment. Savage (1999) stated that the classroom envrioment has shown that the arragaemnt and the decoration of the classroom can…show more content…
Using the walls of the classroom is also a way to create a literacy rich classrromm enviorment (Lyon, 1998) this can vary from a simple alphabet line to the essay written by the children. It is important to have print display promentaly around the classroom so the kids can was a visual aid to their writing. This can be achieve throught something big like a word wall where the a group of words are displated on the wall of the classroom. The words are prineted in a larfe font so that they are easily visible for the students. This project is usally done by having the whole classroom collaborate as a team and can be center around a commen theme. However the classroom is not the only componate in a literate classroom odvilously the teachers have the most important role in creating a literate classroom. The classroom is just a tool is up to the teacher to use it correctly. A literate classroom will be one full of purposeful interaction between children and adults. Teachera and students alike need to strive to support each other and to encourage and to celebrate the power and pleasures of language and literacy ( Goodwin FIND DATE,
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