Reflection Of Charcot Foot

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Charcot foot is a condition in which the bones, joints, and soft tissues of the foot become deformed, ensuing in a fully deformed foot and ankle. Due to the weakness of the bones, fractures will develop as well as joint dislocation. It is most common in patients with peripheral neuropathy who are unable to identify or feel the dislocation or fracture.

The peripheral neuropathy arises from Diabetes mellitus in most cases, but can also result from poliomyelitis, excessive alcohol and drug abuse, mistreated infections, distress to the nerves, and even Parkinson’s disease. Neuropathy is nerve damage which results in no sensation in affected areas. Another cause of Charcot …show more content…

This is also known as “offloading”. Offloading is a non-operative treatment option. The patient will be required to use or wear a walking brace, an orthosis, a cast, or a protective splint. Another form of non-surgical treatment is a casting. Charcot can be treated by using a cast around affected area to reduce swelling, protect the foot and ankle and to allow for healing to take place. When a patient is in a cast he or she must not put weight on the cast as this could distort the healing process. While in a cast, a patient can use a wheelchair or crutches to aid them for mobility in important daily activities. Healing can last up to several months. However, the cast must be changed every one to two weeks to ensure it fits the patient comfortably as the swelling diminishes. A custom walking boot or orthosis, or a diabetic shoe may be recommended after the swelling is decreased to normal and bones are healed fully. These boots are designed to minimize the risk of foot ulcers developing post treatment. After the cast is removed, the patient will be prescribed to an orthotic shoe that appropriately fits their foot and relieves pressure at certain points. Bracing can be accompanied with an orthotic

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