Reflection Of Cultural Communication At Comfort Dental

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This reflection acts as my third reflection since I have started my internship at Comfort Dental under the Guidance of Dr. Trino Nuno. Now, I have been working at Comfort Dental for a little over a month now. I have become immersed in the culture of the organization. This immersion includes me feeling like I am part of the team. I no longer feel like an outsider trying to figure out what I am doing. The other employees know me by name and involve me in all day-to-day tasks. However, the task that I do is still the same I am answering phones, checking that patient’s insurance plans are eligible to be billed, scanning paper documents into a hard drive, and shadowing doctors when Amy, the office manager, has no work for me to do at the front desk.
For this particular reflection, I have chosen to discuss two topics, which I have found to be of paramount importance to the operation of Comfort Dental. Communication plays a huge role in how successful an organization is. It is for this reason that I want to focus this reflection on how Comfort dental employees communicate with each other to achieve a common goal. First, I will convey what I have experienced their communication with me as an intern, and then I will discuss the climate in which they communicate with each other. Following a discussion of the cultural communication at Comfort Dental, I will then discuss the culture of the organization. In my previous statements, I have given a little personal account of my perceived

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