Reflection Of Following Multiple Intelligences

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Following multiple intelligences, he believes encompass human capability” (Berns, pg. 254). Children are very different and adapt to different learning styles; one multiple intelligence that works for one student may not work for another student. This is why it is crucial for teachers to know the different learning styles of their students. 1. Logical-mathematical- skills related to solving logical problems and performing mathematical calculations. Some of the teaching styles I would use for this intelligence would be to do experiments that relate to science and math that requires math calculations and solving logical problems. I would also challenge them with their math/number skills by giving them math problems to solve for fun. I will incorporate math into other subjects to see that we use math every day. As a teacher, I would see that they like to categorize and classify thing, so I would make sure that I would do that since that is how they work best. 2. Linguistic- skills related to the meaning, sound, and rhythm of words as well as the use of language. Some teaching styles I would use for this intelligence would be at to let these students have a chance of retelling stories and using their imagination. I would also provide study guides in my classroom because these students tend to learn better when they can memorize names, places, dates, etc. Also, and do a memorization game over materials. These students are good at when they can see words written down, so as I
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