Reflection Of God Is God

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Chapter One: GOD God is God, no matter how simple that statement is, it is true and always will be. No one can know God perfectly, He is infinite and no one can wrap their minds around just exactly who God is. Most of us know about God, but that is quite different from actually knowing God. Our God is bigger and greater than anything anyone could ever think of. Yet the Bible tells us many things about God and the way He works that could help us better understand Him. Our God is three in one, God being three in one is what we call the “Trinity”. Trinity is the Christian doctrine that deals with and also describes the nature of God. In the Trinity, the three persons are God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. If God is not …show more content…

The Trinity is one of the most difficult concepts to comprehend but it seems to be easier if you recognize the distinction between a “being” and a “person.” God is only one being, the one and only divine being. This divine being exists as three persons, which is the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is the part where our brains gets confused because each human being is only one person, and it might seem that every being has to be one person. But that is simply just not always the case. For example a pet is a being but not a person. A plant is a being and not a person. In these cases, one being = zero persons. On the other hand an angel is a being and is a person, just like us humans, one being = one person. Once you realize that not every being is exactly one person it might be easier to grasp the concept of the Trinity. The Trinity is still a complex mystery, but we do not need to fully understand it to benefit from it. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit has entered into our hearts and souls, allowing us to be reconciled to God the father. If you think about almost every other religion in the world they all seem to know almost everything about their “god” and what it does and what it stands for. That is why Christians get hit so hard with the question, “Why do you believe in something you do not completely know is real?”. In

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