Reflection Of Leadership And Management

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Before we start, let us distinguish between the role of Leadership and Management first, Leadership’s main function is to produce movement and adaptive change through processes, such as establishing direction through visioning, aligning people, motivating, and inspiring whilst Management's main function is to give commands and consistency through processes, such as planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, and problem solving (Kotter, 1990).
In a dynamic setting several leadership styles will be very necessary and the ability to adapt is key. There's a lot to learn from each leadership style and when to use it. Here’s the three basic leadership styles:
• Directive: Frequently described as autocratic. Someone adapting this style always tells people what they need to do, what’s expected of them and expects them to accomplish it without anyone’s suggestion or idea.
• Participative: It also often known as democratic. This style seeks input from others and participates with those they are leading in the decision making process.
• Laissez-faire: This style of leadership is also known as delegate, it is a hands-off approach allowing for both initiative and the latitude to determine process to affect the outcome.
Participative or democratic style of leader is the most recommended and effective style of leadership. After taking the DISC personality assessment, I came out as a democratic leader of which I strongly agreed because I personally believe that the most effective leader is

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