Reflection Of Personal Writing : My 5th Period Class

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As I was walking to my 5th period class, which is AP Language and Composition, I noticed a sign on the door. I could not see it from down the hall but as I got closer I read “Essay today” I immediately felt the butterflies in my stomach and my palms starting to sweat. As I walked closer to the class I saw my other classmates, some of them looked as terrified as me, some rolled their eyes and sighed, and the others just shrugged their shoulders like they did not care. I tried to calm my nerves but nothing was working. When I finally go to the door, I took a deep breath and stepped into the class. As I was walking to my seat in the back of the class my teacher said “Everyone get a pen and a piece of paper out while I pass out the prompt” I reached into my bag to get out my black pen and my notebook. When Mrs. Drakeford got to my row of desks she counted out 5 papers and gave them to the first person in the row. As the people in my row were passing the papers back, I was wishing it was anything other than a Rhetorical Analysis prompt because I am not very good at writing those essays. My classmate in front of me turned around and handed me the prompt and I froze. It was Rhetorical Analysis. The reason I was so nervous to write this essay is because I am assuming this was the last grade going into the grade book for this quarter and on my previous essays I did not score very well. The essays are graded on a scale of 1-9 and are worth fifty percent of our grade. A score of 9 is

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