Reflection Of Self Reflection

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degree in fourth grade. Unfortunately, I experienced a great deal of confliction when I was faced with these feelings do the Jehovah's Witness teachings that physical attraction, specifically thoughts they deemed “unclean” was a sin and such feelings may lead to a path resulting in everlasting death. Furthermore, as these feelings intensified as I grew into adolescents, the accompanying guilt and shame also intensified. Upon reflection, it is not difficult to ascertain what drove my friends to commit offenses resulting in their disfellowshipping and how as a youth I grew very angry and ending in my being disfellowshipped as well. Now, I am thankful I was disfellowshipped as the experience lead me to explore the world in a way I would have likely never done had I stayed involved in the Jehovah Witness religion. Conversely, the experience of losing all my friends, mentors, support system, and role models I was brought up with, led me to experience some of the most difficult years of my life.
As I reflect on my upbringing, my perception has always been that our families socioeconomic status (SES) was upper-middle class, as I do not have prevalent memories of struggling financially. However, I reached out to my mother to confirm my perception and she insisted that we were firmly middle class. As I reflect back, realized that we never had name brand clothes, we rarely took family vacations and when we did we drove to our destinations, and my mother was very cost conscious

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