Reflection Of Self Reflection

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Enrolling in EDUC 473 Teacher as a Researcher I had an idea of what we were going to be doing as I just finished up EDUC 373, as now we are at our final stages of the course what my idea was has complex turned into an understanding of knowledge. The first class we were asked what is a researcher and how can it be imagined? It was broke down into scientific and interpretive approaches, and the definition of Sylvia had for interpretive approach truly has stuck with me throughout the entire course, which is “truth is subjective, and all knowledge is created by interpretation.” (Kind,2017). Each portfolio entry we have done has been instructed but the interpretation of how each individual is subjective through their lens of thought has been a showcase of their entry. I feel as though Rinaldi states it beautifully as “information, though necessary, is not sufficient for this depth of understanding. Explanations, which are also indispensable, are still not enough for true understanding.Depth of understanding involves the ability to experience the curiosity, passions, joys and angers of others with a process of empathy, perception and identification, of human understanding”.(p.4). Noticing things was another major concept I learned in this course. Acknowledging my morning habits, to being able to reflect back on a image taken and though being in the image nothing things again looking at the printed image. The concept of a teacher as a researcher I feel we were taught its about

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