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When I was young, I came to understand that a person’s creativity cannot be constrained to their situation. I learned that everything we do is based off the choices in our life. While someone can offend, discourage or harm you, they cannot force your response. As a decision maker, this taught me a lot about how I need to approach choices; that is, I cannot rely solely on instinct to choose a correct path. Mentors, friends, and family are needed to guide decisions, because they will weigh options based on unique experiences that they have, which will offer a more direct insight to make the correct choice. This is hard for me, however, since I am not one to create mentors or friends, which leads me to rely on family. A family can be supportive if necessary, but they default to positions when placed under new experiences. For example, when a child in my family has broken a lamp, the mother is the one to chastise while the father is responsible for cleaning up the mess. Like everyone else, my personality is derived from some sort of solution mixed between my parents. Introspectively in his corner is my father, a gray-haired book lover who studies adolescent drug use, and I seem to have taken most of my personna from his (yet I seem to be missing the book-loving part). He is a sociologist, which is pretty much the epitome of the term “researcher.” Though not wanting to study people’s societal trends, I do want to study human disease trends, specifically in the

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