Reflection Of The Republic

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After reading the book "The Republic", I deeply appreciate the extraordinary place of Plato's ancient Greek philosopher. Plato was born in Athens' aristocratic family. Childhood from the division of Socrates and Aristotle, youth fame, and Socrates and Aristotle together to become one of the ancient Greek philosophers. I read this book though not difficult to understand, but also have to carefully carefully chew the word to understand the truth. Has always been difficult to read philosophy books, but can only understand some of the benefits have been, this time I was won this reason it Plato's strict logical thinking and wonderful argument make me admire endlessly. The book permeates the ideals of his own rule with the form of the dialogue …show more content…

A series of unfolds. There are many problems such as national dictatorship, dictatorship, justice and injustice, good and evil issues, democratic issues, legal issues, religious issues, moral issues, women's political issues, educational problems and equality between men and women. Among them, I am particularly impressed with the debate on the ideal country and education Plato attaches great importance to education, he set the rules for the Republic of many rules, etiquette, morality, did not develop into the law, but hope that through childhood education to guide people's behavior and direction. As the book says: a person from childhood education to where he guide, to decide where he went from here Plato believes that the education of the ideal country should start from a child, including simple music education and physical education, simple music and literature education can produce spiritual control, simple physical exercise to produce the health of the body. He wanted to supervise the poets, forcing them to cultivate a good image in the psalm, while supervising

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