Reflection Of The Separation Lab

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Critical thinking is very important in every aspect of life. I chose to put the Separation Lab as my first critical thinking artifact. I think this lab is a great demonstration of the critical thinking I needed to use. My partner and I needed to brain storm methods to separate each of the substances. When we first started the lab, I was overwhelmed. I had no clue how to do it. I learned some patience, I just needed to relax and think it through. We had to think about which one would be easiest to remove first and discussed how we would separate it from the rest. Once we got going into separating everything, the next one was even easier. I then realized that it was a lot easier than I anticipated. This lab enhanced my skill of problem solving. Critical thinking can be used in any situation outside of chemistry. All you have to do is break down a situation and look at it closer. The…show more content…
This gave me a better understanding on how the airbags in cars work. All cars should have air bags because they are an excellent way to lessen the effects of a car accident. When we first started this lab, I was excited to watch a chemical reaction occur. It was interesting watching the difference in speed, firmness, and temperature between heated copper carbonate, and sodium bicarbonate mixed with vinegar. I got to compare which gas produced would make the best airbag. It helped me determine what things are key into making a good airbag. My next artifact is unit conversions. Unit conversions are a good tool to have in life. There are many times you need to convert something into a different unit of measurement. For instance if you get a weight in kilograms and you need to convert it to pounds. Cooking and baking is a great example of this as well. Sometimes a recipe will give you a measurement in oz, but you need it in grams. So you have to do some conversions to figure out the equivalence of grams to
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