Reflection On Final Exam

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Final Exam Essay The reflection quote at the beginning of the exam instructions is an interesting thought. I see myself reflecting more on the life aspects of this quote versus the complexities of how it affects my writing abilities. I entered into this course with few expectations of my writing abilities after my last composition course. There are still more flaws in my writing abilities than perfections. However, the confidence has been built to be able to complete writing assignments for a future employer. My process in writing an essay, report, or proposal has remained the same from the first composition course to this technical course. I can write adequately but do still struggle with different aspects of the composition process. My expectations starting this class in May were extremely low after the struggles with the first composition course I completed. My goal was to do my best and just try to maintain a passing grade. However, this course was different, there was a practicality involved that I crave to do my best work. It was interesting to put together the financial plans of a non-existent company that in realty will never come to pass. The TV show “Shark Tank” makes these presentations seem easy. But it does not show the many hours the owners must put in to make their presentations perfect. The PowerPoint presentation assignment took me several hours and retakes to complete. In addition, the hours of research on long-arm quilting machines to make sure that my

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