Essay On Group Work

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Toseland and Rivas (2012) describes group work as a goal directed process, where planned and orderly worker activities are carried out in the context of professional practice with people. These authors also describe a dual focus of group work, both on the individual tasks and on the group tasks. In my experience, group work is collaborating with others to create something meaningful. It is necessary in group work, in my opinion, to utilize your strengths in a purposeful way to best complete the task at hand. Thus far in our group work project, it has been invaluable to witness these processes unfold first hand; it has also been just as easy to see the confusion and difficulties that accompany such endeavours both on an individual level and on a group level. For our group work project, we are assigned to complete both a task group and a treatment group. Our task group is responsible for the development of a plan for a self care treatment group. Then, we are to facilitate the self care group in conjunction with the development of a treatment group where the premise for our self care group unfolds. It was easy to see, at the initial ‘forming’ stage of our process, that this project would require us to work closely and creatively with our group members and would open up the opportunity for growth in knowledge and in conflict resolution. In our initial group meetings, we focussed on gathering information in order to contribute ideas for the composition of our self care

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