Reflection On Importance Of Education

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Sabaah al-khayr (Good morning) and welcome to Career Direct Limited, my name is David Solomon, the head of the Training Department of this honorable company. As you already know that Careers Direct Limited is a pioneering education company with a unique method of teaching; we are established to transform young lives through training in all levels of education and through career development.
Through my research, I discovered that the government of Saudi Arabia already know the importance of education in the society and are bent on promoting it by tapping into the knowledge, skills, and ability of the young people. Also, I realized that in the quest for Saudi Arabia to implement their educational ecosystem vision, they discovered that they need excellent teachers for the growth and development of their educational sector. (BusinessWire, 2017)
Therefore, in my presentation today, I’m looking forward to talking to you about education featuring our unique approach that includes the use of the brains, motivation, and emotion. (Reading College, 2017) An education through utilizing our brains, encouragement, and motivation is essential, the reason being that it is unlikely for an educated individual in a country that understands the importance of education and working towards higher economic expansion and sustainable growth to be unemployed.
We will all agree that education plays a vital role and it creates a positive effect on our lives just as food nourishes our body. Some of us
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